2007 Lecturer in Japanese Symposium at Edinburgh College of Art, UK
Part-time Lecturer at Aoyama University, Girls’ Jonior College department, Tokyo (~2013)
2005 Part-time Lecturer at Tama Art College, Tokyo(〜2023)
2002 Part-time Lecturer at Atomi Girls’ College, Jonior College department, Tokyo(~2005)
2000 Part-time Lecturer at Hiko Mizuno Jewellery College, Tokyo(~2007)
1999 Lecturer of Asahi Culture Center, Jewellery Making Course, Tokyo(~2016)
1997 Artist in Residence in the Jewellery and Silversmithing Depertment at Edinburgh College of Art, U.K.(~1998)
1996 Part-time Lecturer at Touhoku University of Art and Technology, Yamagata (~2000)
1995 Artist in residence at Royal College of Art, U.K.
1992 Completed Research student of Tankin department in Tokyo University of Fine Art and Music
1990 Graduated Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music Master Course in Tankin department of craft
1988 Graduated Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music Bachelor of Arts in Choukin department of craft


2023 Gallery Yori, Tokyo
Gallery Okariya, Tokyo
2022 Gallery Ruevent, Tokyo
2021 Utsuwa Ikkyaku, Osaka
Gallery Okariya, Tokyo
2020 Gallery Yori, Tokyo
2019 Gallery Ruevent, Tokyo
Gallery Okariya, Tokyo
2018 Utsuwa Ikkyaku, Osaka
2017 Gallery Yori, Tokyo
Gallery Okariya, Tokyo
Gallery Ikkyaku, Tokyo
2015 Gallery Okariya, Tokyo
2014 Gallery Yori, Tokyo
2013 Gallery Okariya, Tokyo
2012 Craft Gallery Mai, Tokyo
2011 Gallery Yori, Tokyo
2010 Torindo, Tokyo
2009 Dan-Ginza Gallery, Tokyo
Gallery Shimon, Yokohama
2008 Gallery Yori, Tokyo
2007 Seikado, Kyoto
Torindo, Tokyo
2006 Arai Atelier Gallery, Tokyo
Gallery Tonan, Toyama
2005 Gallery Yori, Tokyo
2004 Torindo, Tokyo
2003 Arai Atelier Gallery, Tokyo
Gallery Tonan, Toyama
2002 Gallery Yori, Tokyo
2001 West Village, Kitakyushu
Torindo, Tokyo
2000 Yasumura Collection, Kitakyushu
1999 Gallery Yori, Tokyo
1998 Andrew Grant Gallery at Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh UK X・Port, Tokyo
1992 Gallery f-air GINZA, Tokyo
Sekisui Rooming Gallery、Kashiwa, Chiba
2023 ‘Medal Art Exhibition’  Nobana Art Work in Ginza, Tokyo
2021 ‘Metalwork Exhibition’  Nobana Art Work in Ginza, Tokyo(2022,2023)
2020 ‘Tokyo-Barcelona〜WARP〜 Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition’  AC Gallery, Tokyo
2019 ‘Mizuko Yamada Susan Cross’ Gallery Nishikawa, Kyoto
‘Tsukuru-Contemporary Jewellery Susan Cross + Mizuko Yamada’  het Labo atrium, Tokyo
‘Metalwork Exhibition’  Yakata Yusai, Tokyo
2018 ‘Wako Saijiki-almanac of seasonal words-‘  Wako Hall, Tokyo
2017 ‘origin of making’ Arai Atelier Gallery, Tokyo
‘treasures in memory’ Wako Hall, Tokyo
2015 ‘homage for picture books by painters’ Sagamiya Fine Arts and Antiques, Tokyo
‘laughing at the dining table’ Torindo, Tokyo
2014 ‘encounter -jewellery-‘ Galerie wa2, Tokyo
2013 ‘laughing at the dining table’ Torindo, Tokyo
‘form of decorating the body’  the art gallery of Mitsukoshi department store, Tokyo
2009 Collect exhibited from gallery flow, Saatchi Gallery, London, UK
Inner Voice Contemporary Applied Art, London, UK
2008 ‘Works 7 x 7 in NIKE’ at Joshibi galleria Nike, Tokyo‘
‘New Beauty of Metal’ at Sekidoh Museum, Tokyo
Transition(~2009) Bilston Craft Gallery
touring exhibition at New Brewery Arts Centre, Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery, UK
2006 Two person’s exhibition with ceramisist Hokuto Ito the art gallery of Mitsukoshi department store, Tokyo(2008,2010,2012,2014,2016,2018,2020)
Japanese Jewelly x 5 Powerhouse Museum, Sydney Australia
‘TRANSFIGURATION:JAPANESE ART JEWELRY TODAY’ Tokyo National Museum of Modern Art Craft Gallery, Tokyo
2005 Contemporary Japanese Jewellery
Object Gallery,Australia’s new desighn center, Sydney Australia
2001 Mikromegas(~2004) at Galerie fur angewandte Kunst,Munick Germany, at American Craft Museum, New York USA and all over the world‘Contemporary Japanese Jewellery’ at Crafts Council Gallery, London,Leicester,Wales, UK
2000 Group exhibition UR Jerelley of Forest at the art gallery of Takashimaya departmentstore,Tokyo
1999 ‘Contemporary Decorative Arts’ at Sotherby’s, London UK
1998 Group exhibition ‘Art Works on the Desk Top Ⅵ’ at Contemporary Art Niki, Tokyo (1999,2000,2004,)
1996 Group exhibition of Tableware ‘Pottery, Japanese, Woodwork and Metalwork’ at Mitsukoshi department store, Tokyo(1997,1998)
1995 ‘Japanese Contemporary Jewellery’ at The Museum of Decorative Arts in Ghent, Belgium
‘Contemporary Jewellery’ at The National Museum of Modern Art Craft Gallery, Tokyo
1993 Six person show of metalwork ‘Lady Smith’93’ at Seibu department store, Tokyo (1995)
Two person show of metalwork at Daimaru department store, Bankosha, Tokyo(1996,1999,2002)
2007 Participates in ‘’Itami International Craft Exhibition’ in Itami
1999 Participates in ‘Japan Craft Exhibition’ by JCDA, Tokyo, Oosaka, and Fukuoka
Participates in ‘National Craft Competition ’99/Sapporo’ , Hokkaidou
Participates in ‘International Craft Competition・Kanazawa’ , Ishikawa
1992 Participates in the exhibition ‘Modern Realistic Sculpture Exhibition’ ,Chiba prefectional museum,Chiba
Participates in the exhibition ‘The Art of Jewellery’ (JJDA), Tokyo (1993,1996,1998,2000,2002,2004,2006,2008,2010)
1990 Participates in the exhibition ‘Craft Competition in Takaoka’ ,Toyama (1991,1996,1997,1998,2000)
2000 A sculpture in the garden “Summer Breeze” Sowa Hospital, 1752 Ooshima Sagamihara-shi Kanagawa
2015 Object changer for Field Sewing Tokyo / Cale, 1F 3-4-6 Higashiazabu Minato-ku Tokyo
2000 A sign board and a door knob for Ristorante Massa, 1-23-22 Ebisu Shibuya-ku Tokyo
2013 Pendant The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo
2005 Tactile Ring for a Wearer, Tactile Ring, Banblen Powerhouse Museum, Sydney Australia
2002 Rings Hiko-Mizuno Jewelery College, Tokyo
Pin Die Neue Sammlung, Staatliches Museum fur angewandte Kunst,Design in Pinakothek der Moderne,On permanent loan from the Danner Foundation, Munich Germany
1998 A Pair of Earrings Hiko-Mizuno Jewelery College, Tokyo
1995 Mokume Box Royal College of Art, UK
2010 Grand Prize of Jewellery Art Competition (JJDA)
2008 Tansuiou Prize from Satoh Foundation
1997 Scholarship for a researcher abroad from Satoh Foundation
1996 Encouragement prize in Takaoka Craft Competition
1990 Harada Prize for the graduation work of MA